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There’s nothing more exciting than reaching the summit of a long trek and realizing all the effort has paid off. Even if you’re not a mountaineer, everyone can appreciate the feeling of accomplishing a goal and reaping the rewards of hard work.

When it comes to your finances you should be able to experience that same rush of success, which is what we aim to help you reach here at Beacon Lending.

My name is Brian Quigley, Founder, and Owner of Beacon Lending. With more than 20 years in mortgage financing, I understand the intricacies of this complex industry. I spent most of my career working with commodity-based organizations that didn’t truly care about the individuals being served. Once the pandemic hit, I realized I needed a shift in direction. Beacon Lending was then brought to life in early 2020.

While my two decades’ worth of experience is an incredible resource, it’s my passion for people that really drives my work today. I built this business to lend a hand to those in need.

Whether that’s divorce, bankruptcy, low credit, or even no provable income, I want to be your trusted guide through this crucial time. No matter how dire the situation may seem, I price my work on being able to either map out a plan or direct my clients to someone who may be better suited for theirimmediate needs.

I’m not here to take the glory; I am here to help.

A BEACON is a device used in wilderness hikes to tracking people’s location. From avalanches to hard falls, or being disoriented, this technology can be a lifeline to safety. That’s what we do here, as well. Meeting your lending needs on your home loan journey is our top priority.

My personal desire is to see each client reach their own summit with ease and confidence thanks to Beacon Lending’s exceptional service. Our team focuses on veterans, heroes, and self-employed entrepreneurs. However, we are also able to create a clear path for anyone who seeks our leadership and expertise.

Creating a business that allows me to address people’s unique dynamics and individual challenges with the same tenacity as I do mountain hiking has been so rewarding. Just as there are various levels of skill and knowledge in hiking, so are there a multitude of scenarios people face when in need of mortgage lending options. Whatever your background or problem may be, we will find the way to reach the top of the mountain and give you a smooth experience every step of the way.

As Conrad Anker once said,

"The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters most."

When you’re ready to start your own venture into mortgage lending, be sure to reach out to learn more. You can also opt into our newsletter for updates on everything from mortgage information to the latest climbing endeavors I am thrilled to share with fellow hiking enthusiasts.

This is more than a business; it is a community that I am proud to serve and I cannot wait to connect with you to find out how I can be of help to your next great adventure!

Brian Kolasinski

Mortgage Loan Originator

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