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My name is Brian Quigley, Founder, and Owner of Beacon Lending. With more than 20 years in mortgage financing, I understand the intricacies of this complex industry. I spent most of my career working with commodity-based organizations that didn’t truly care about the individuals being served. Once the pandemic hit, I realized I needed a shift in direction. Beacon Lending was then brought to life in early 2020.

While my two decades’ worth of experience is an incredible resource, it’s my passion for people that really drives my work today. I built this business to lend a hand to those in need.

Whether that’s divorce, bankruptcy, low credit, or even no provable income, I want to be your trusted guide through this crucial time. No matter how dire the situation may seem, I price my work on being able to either map out a plan or direct my clients to someone who may be better suited for their immediate needs.

When mortgage refinancing your home, or purchasing a new one, it is imperative, FROM THE START, that you align yourself with a mortgage lender who will take your hand, and guide you through each step of the mortgage loan process, ALWAYS giving you 100% accountability and integrity. Let that mortgage professional be me, and let’s get you started on the first step towards that rate reduction refinance or new home purchase today!

My goal and intention for myself are to let my clients know exactly what they need to do in obtaining a new loan for a purchase or refinance. If I cannot help you now, I am a FIRM believer that TIME will cure all, and with the proper CONSULTATION and GUIDANCE, you will have established a well-executed plan to make that dream home purchase happen soon.

I work with many credit-challenged borrowers, foreign nationals, and people who are in complex situations. It is my specialty!

Allow my industry experience and resourcefulness the opportunity to WORK for you today!

NMLS #244003

Brian Quigley

Denver Mortgage Broker
Brian Quigley
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