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Reasons Why People Love Vail Colorado

What is it about Vail, Colorado, that makes it such a terrific place to live? The answer is yes, and it’s important to consider all the reasons Vail is such a beautiful location to call home. There are valid reasons why an increasing number of people every year decide to leave their busy city lives behind and travel to the Rockies to get away from it all. Vail might just be the perfect destination for you if you’re looking for a fantastic new home.

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Getting to Vail

Getting to Vail

The majority of visitors arrive in Vail via Denver, Colorado. By using a car service, you can travel to Vail from Denver more quickly and easily. Use a Vail automobile service provider or a personal Vail airport shuttle to handle the trip as the drive from Denver to Vail may occasionally be somewhat stressful, especially during the chilly winter months.

Colorado is a marvel of stunning topography and scenery. Mountains, deserts, grasslands, and forests are all present. As it pertains to natural beauty, Colorado appears to have everything. The state flag of Colorado is a monument to the beauty of the state, with the colors blue, gold, white, and red signifying the beautiful snow-capped hillsides of the Rockies, large blue skies, and ample sunshine, respectively.

Colorado’s state motto, “Colorful Colorado,” is true to form and suitable, as any individual who has toured Colorado can attest. There are a few locations in Colorado’s vast spectacular scenery, which can only be referred to as magical due to their beauty and the delight and excitement they provide to both locals and visitors.

Vail is one such location in Colorado, which has plenty to show that it’s difficult to even begin to describe what makes this location so great. Longtime residents of the town are well aware of Vail’s eccentric charms, which tourists may overlook since they are too focused on the primary “touristy” activities for which Vail is famous.

It’d be a waste to keep the whole of Vail’s unique little secrets solely to the residents, so maybe this small guide will enable more people to learn about the distinctive features that distinguish Vail unique and why an increasing number of individuals each year choose to settle in Vail and consider it their safe place.

The good news would be that going to Vail is now simpler than ever. All Vail Valley lodges have incredibly easy accessibility to Eagle-Vail County Regional Airport. Booking a pleasant, practical airport shuttle service is all it takes to get from the airfield to Vail. Register your Eagle Airport Bus today and take advantage of all Vail has to offer.

Top 6 Reasons Why People Love Vail

Skating and Skiing

Skating and Skiing

Yes, having the ability to ski and ride at one of the most spectacular ski resorts on the planet is among the most amazing aspects of residing in Vail (and the main reason most tourists visit). Most reputable snow sports journals consistently place Vail as one of the top three ski tourist destinations in the world, if not number one.

Vail is among the most well-known and upscale ski resorts in the world thanks to its extensive terrain that is appropriate for skiers of all abilities, plentiful sunlight and snowfall, and top-notch luxury lodging, dining, and shopping options.

The huge and steadily growing number of visitors that travel to Vail for only a skiing or snowboarding vacation may be the subject of complaints from the locals, but the majority of Vail residents arrived in the same manner. They simply fell in love with it so much that they chose to stay!

The Beauty of Nature 

The Beauty of Nature 

For locals who enjoy spending time outdoors, the National Forest areas enclosing Vail offer a never-ending supply of entertainment and diversions. The hiking around here is amazing. Most of the pathways lead to some kind of secret natural gem, like a fountain or a lake in the mountains. Booth Lake is particularly beautiful and swimmable in the summer.

Piney Lake, which is reachable through a red sandstone road, is yet another undiscovered gem inside the White River National Forest. There are many U.S. Forest Service campsites nearby if you’re searching for the perfect place to camp, in addition to the lake’s beauty and abundance of fish for anglers.

Mountain bikers love the variety of hilly areas the White River National Forest offers them, while motocross fans come here as well to test their limits. Overall, although the mountain is of course Vail’s main attraction, the neighboring forest lands offer a wide range of outdoor pursuits for all skill levels, all situated in a stunning alpine backdrop.


Infrastructure in the Town and Amenities

One of the nicest things about living here is being able to make use of the virtually unheard-of advantages Vail tourists and residents are privy to.

Locals can travel for weeks on end without ever using a car, thanks to a convenient local bus plan that makes traveling about town easy (or paying the parking fees). The bus network links all areas of the town, including the nightlife districts, supermarkets, and, notably, the ski slopes, and operates from early in the morning until late at night. The finest feature of this incredibly effective, hygienic, and quick bus service is that it is freely available for all to use.


It’s a Unique Place 

Vail has a very solid social framework in place for such a tiny town. The Vail Medical Center is well known for offering a selection of the best possible care and hiring some of the finest nurses and doctors in the nation. There is a rather well-funded police dept and fire department.

The renowned Ski and Snowboard Club and Vail Mountain School, where world champion Lindsey Vonn went, are just two of the institutions available for students to attend. Children receive top-notch schooling while being completely assimilated into the Vail-specific ski and snowboard scene. A fun bowling alley, an ice skating rink, a contemporary, opulent movie theater complex, and the town of Vail’s excellent library are all nearby. All are close to one another and offer large-city excitement in a charming mountain village environment.

living in Vail

The Locals of Vail

Of course, the locals are another fantastic aspect of living in Vail. Vail has an estimated population of 4735 people, which is rather modest when contrasted to other major cities but only enhances the quality of life there. Here, a lot of residents are familiar with one another, which fosters a strong sense of community. Additionally, everyone is quite cordial, and everyone just appears to get along.

The town’s populace more than soars at the busiest travel times. Most guests simply wish to have a great time and take in the town and mountain while they’re there. Aside from the occasional episode of public intoxication, crime is virtually nonexistent in Vail, making it a wonderfully safe place to call home. There aren’t many areas where you can live without ever having to worry about crime, which adds to the allure of residing in Vail.


The Vail Climate

Lastly, the weather. The four seasons may be best represented in Vail than anywhere else on earth. The fall draws the transformation of the leaves when all the lovely layers of aspens transform into a kingly gold. The summer weather has always been hot and sunny (but not overly humid).

The town is transformed into a winter beauty by the copious amounts of snow that the winter brings. The valley comes to life again in the spring, and the hills nearby are covered in an abundance of wildflowers. Meanwhile, bears, elk, and deer abound in the woods. Every one of Vail’s four distinct seasons is a treat to experience. They “came for the wintertime, but lingered for the summertime,” goes the adage among the locals of Vail.


Best Activities to Perform in Vail, CO

For skiers traveling to Vail Mountain, Vail, Colorado, offers more than just a starting point. During the winter, this little town transforms into a winter paradise. The district is also a wonderful tourist destination compared to a picture-perfect Bavarian alpine village. Vail is a great vacation spot for friends or family because it is tucked away among the large White River National Forest.

This village transforms into a premier snowboarding and skiing resort in the winter. It also hosts a vibrant festival and thrilling outdoor activities throughout the summer. Whether you’re vacationing with friends or family, experience thrilling year-round activities. 

Here are some of the popular activities to do in Vail, Colorado, in case you are unfamiliar with this dynamic city:

Children's Creativity

Encourage Your Children’s Creativity with the Pirate Ship Playground.

The fantastic Pirate Ship Playground would undoubtedly spark your youngsters’ creativity. Imagine a giant pirate ship with climbing nets, swings, and other play equipment amid a playground. You’ll love seeing them interact with other kids and have fun. Then, enjoy a wonderful margarita while relaxing on its Los Amigos deck.

Piney River Ranch

Get Married at Piney River Ranch

In Colorado, the Piney River Ranch is a very good venue for important occasions like weddings. It’s a relief that you wouldn’t have to get hitched or attend a marriage ceremony to appreciate its breathtaking beauty. A premium facility with an emphasis on the local wilderness, Piney River Ranch is located on the border of the magnificent Gore Range.

You may go paddle boarding, horse riding, canoeing, hiking, fly fishing, exploring cascades, and, among other activities. Have a great time out at the ranch, which has a café and a shared fire pit right on the premises. You may enjoy high-altitude pleasure at the ranch, which is located 9,400 feet above sea level.

 Sunbird Park

Learn About Sunbird Park

Sunbird Park’s skillful fusion of form and function has earned it recognition as one of the Coolest Playgrounds in the World. The three big nest structures were created by the designers using inspiration from the nearby bird habitats.

As well as a climbing wall allowing kids to test themselves, ropes and bridges are used to connect the nests. The best feature of the location is its layout, which caters to children of all ages and guarantees that each child will enjoy their visit. It also provides for the needs of disabled children. It’s fully a playground for kids with everything!

 Gold Medal Waters

Fish for Fly in Gold Medal Waters

Along with winter activities, Vail is popular for other outdoor pursuits like fly fishing. You could go fly fishing at Gold Medal Waters if you’re eager to learn this thrilling outdoor hobby. Colorado Parks & Wildlife has recognized Gold Medal Waters as a premier fishing location.

The finest trout in Colorado can be found there, along with a variety of other fish species. Red Sandstone Creek, down to Eagle River, is the length of the Gold Medal. You may easily learn fly-fishing in the area thanks to the many organizations that give courses in the sport. They also direct you through a variety of fishing locations that have a variety of fishing regulations.

Visit the Ice Rinks in Vail

Vail is a small winter wonderland full of ice skating rinks and other facilities for participating in winter sports. The majority of these skating rinks are located in the heart of the city, close to eateries, stores, cafes, and museums. Don’t skip the Alderhof Ice Rink at Lionshead Village while you’re in Vail.

Additionally, take a look at the Solaris Ice Rink in Vail Village and the Dobson Ice Arena indoor ice rink. You and your family and friends should appreciate the distinctive ice-skating adventure that these skating rinks offer.

Gallery's Beautiful Art

Enjoy the Vail International Gallery’s Beautiful Art

In 2005, the Vail International Gallery opened, displaying the finest creations of various renowned artists from across the nation. The gallery, which was established by Maria Cassidy LeVarn, Marc LeVarn, and Patrick Cassidy, showcases outstanding works of historical and modern art by well-known artists.

This gallery is exciting to visit because it has already sold hundreds of great painters’ antique paintings. Hundreds of outstanding fine art pieces from Europe, America, and Eastern Europe will be on display, providing a singular travel experience. Out at the Dobson Ice Arena, take part in ice sports. Ice skating, broomball, Ice hockey, and the Vail Invitational Skating Championships are all regularly held at the Ice Arena.

Final Reflections on Living in Vail

Vail people reside in a location that’s among the most incredible on the planet, which is why they are among the happiest humans on the earth. The ideal climate, incredible year-round outdoor activities, among the best skiing worldwide, and a well-funded town infrastructure provide all that a person could need. These are the factors that influence people’s decision to reside in Vail. It was a great choice to travel to Vail, but staying to live here was even wiser.

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