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Warren Ostin
Warren Ostin
It was a phenomenal experience working with Brian and his team over at Beacon Lending. If you’re looking for a home or investment property I would highly recommend working with them. They were knowledgeable, patient, and a pleasure to work with through out the entire home buying process. Thank you so much Brian!
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith
I am always a fan of working with Brian and his team at Beacon Lending. He is quick, professional, thorough, and great at what he does. I am confident in referring my buyers to him and know they will be happy and well taken care of. I am always receiving positive feedback from my clients regarding their experience working with Brian and his team, and I appreciate the quick responsiveness from them no matter what day or time.
Lucas Duncan
Lucas Duncan
The Beacon lending team were extremely professional and worked hard to get us a great interest rate on our home. We felt well taken care of and had plenty of follow-ups to make sure everything was going smoothly. We fully recommend them to anyone that is looking for a excellent loan team!
Amer Faihan
Amer Faihan
Brian and his team are Exceptional. One of the best Broker I have ever dealt with. They are resourceful, proactive and quick to find solutions. I refinanced my house with Brian’s help, and he got me an excellent rate. Brian also has different type of loans and products structure that I was not even aware of. Brian is great communicator, knowledgeable, & easy to work with. After sorting my appraisal out, it took less than a week to close. I highly recommend Brian to anyone in the market for refinance, investment, & new home purchase. Thanks to Beacon Lending’s team for their service and support.
Barbara Swan
Barbara Swan
Brian (Beacon Lending) is ABSOLUTELY fantastic! This is the 2nd time he has helped us with financing needs AND has made a huge difference for us each time. He is very thorough, professional, responds quickly, and yet is personable. He keeps things moving!!! Closed in 2 weeks!!! I would highly recommend giving him a call, whether it's a purchase or won't go wrong!!! Thanks Brian!!!
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong
Getting the lowest rate was the most important thing to me. I shopped 5 other lenders/brokers for my refinance. Brian was able to beat the other lenders by a significant margin. I was surprised as I thought most lenders would have similar rates. I think being that Brian is a broker and has access to hundreds of lenders gives him a leg up to finding the best rate for his customers. The process was also very straight forward and he was available when I had questions.
Brent Galas
Brent Galas
Brian, was very easy to work with for my refinance even thru this Covid time. All documents were easy to upload electronically and his processor was detailed for what was needed. He was able to get me an appraisal waiver so no cost to me and nice to not have anyone in my house for it. Never imagined closing rate in the 2’s!! Closing was completed outside my house with masks and done in 10mins... Brian gave great service and provided me with savings for next 29 years! One year shorter than standard 30. Will use Brian again for my next investment property!
Jerred Lane
Jerred Lane
Brian Quigley is one of the most professional mortgage brokers I have EVER had the pleasure of working with. I’ve been through this process 7 times before and while none of the previous experiences were bad by any means, Brian has raised the bar to a whole new level. With time being precious, there are not many who have a lot of time to spare; he kept everything on point and on track. We closed on schedule and the detailed communication Brian provides is part of the reason why we were able to do so. I will be doing business with Brian again and highly recommend him to any one that may be in the market.
Timothy Nelson
Timothy Nelson
Brian and his staff were always available for my questions and made the refinance easy and saved me money on my mortgage

Adjust To The Current Home Market Reality

Real estate faces slowing growth lately, with a rise in mortgage rates and many potential homebuyers staying out of the property game. In this ever-changing environment, finding a way to adjust and get a home at a reduced price may not be so hard after all.

Buy Your New Property With 2-1 Buydown

2-1 Buydown is a mortgage lending technique that incentives buyers, assisting them in easing into their new home mortgage.
Essentially, the 2-1 Buydown offers a low-interest rate for the first year of the loan, a little higher rate for the second year, and then rises to the agreed rate for the third and upcoming years.

Learn More About This Home Mortgage Financing Option

Beacon Lending offers mortgage financing services. We will help you explore your options, learning everything you need about the 2-1 Buydown system and deciding if it’s the best option for you.

Save Thousands Of Dollars On Homebuying

Find out how 2-1 Buydown can help you afford the house of your dreams, supporting you in getting it at a reduced price.

Understand The 2-1 Buydown System

Expand your knowledge on this financing type, learning more about the market cycle and how you can purchase a home at a lower price during this recession period.

Use The 2-1 Buydown Method In Other Purchases

Take your financing game one step further. Get familiar with 2-1 Buydown and use it in all your VA, FHA, and conventional purchases.

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