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DSCR Loans for Buying Real Estate

DSCR loans are a useful option for financing your real estate investment transactions.

What is the appeal of a DSCR loan?

One of the main benefits of a DSCR loan is that a personal income calculation is not required. The lender is instead focused on the cash flow that the real estate investment at hand is predicted to generate. 

More benefits of DSCR Loans

  • A potential for faster closing times.
  • Income verification with pay stubs, tax returns, or W2's may not be needed.
  • Down payment requirements typically range from 20% - 25%.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

A DSCR, or debt service coverage ratio, is calculated by lenders when qualifying a borrower. When calculated, it is a measurement tool that lets the lender know if the investment at hand will generate enough cash flow to, at minimum, cover the proposed debt amount. A DSCR ratio above 1.0 indicates that the investment generates enough cash flow to cover the proposed debt obligation.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Calculator (DSCR)
Brian Quigley
Brian Quigley
 NMLS# #244003

Brian Quigley has been in the Denver mortgage industry since 2003 and founded Beacon Lending in 2021. Customer satisfaction has been his top priority while guiding clients through the home loan qualification process. Brian and his team have the experience with No Doc / Asset Utilization Loans to help you take advantage of your assets and get you qualified for a home loan. 

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Testimonials & Reviews

Adam Armstrong
Getting the lowest rate was the most important thing to me. I shopped 5 other lenders/brokers for my refinance. Brian was able to beat the other lenders by a significant margin. I was surprised as I thought most lenders would have similar rates. I think being that Brian is a broker and has access to hundreds of lenders gives him a leg up to finding the best rate for his customers. The process was also very straight forward and he was available when I had questions.
Brent Galas
Brian, was very easy to work with for my refinance even thru this Covid time. All documents were easy to upload electronically and his processor was detailed for what was needed. He was able to get me an appraisal waiver so no cost to me and nice to not have anyone in my house for it. Never imagined closing rate in the 2’s!! Closing was completed outside my house with masks and done in 10mins... Brian gave great service and provided me with savings for next 29 years! One year shorter than standard 30. Will use Brian again for my next investment property!
Jerred Lane
Brian Quigley is one of the most professional mortgage brokers I have EVER had the pleasure of working with. I’ve been through this process 7 times before and while none of the previous experiences were bad by any means, Brian has raised the bar to a whole new level. With time being precious, there are not many who have a lot of time to spare; he kept everything on point and on track. We closed on schedule and the detailed communication Brian provides is part of the reason why we were able to do so. I will be doing business with Brian again and highly recommend him to any one that may be in the market.

Beacon Lending

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Our office is located in the northwest area of downtown Denver just 1 block North East of Coors Field on Blake Street. Our building sits on the Northwest Corner of Blake Street and Park Avenue West.


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