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It was a phenomenal experience working with Brian and his team over at Beacon Lending. If you’re looking for a home or investment property I would highly recommend working with them. They were knowledgeable, patient, and a pleasure to work with through out the entire home buying process. Thank you so much Brian!

Warren Ostin

Brian is a very kind, caring, veteran, who went out of his way to help us get our loan processed. We had special circumstances and he made us feel like we had our hand held the entire way through the process. We strongly recommend Brian for your next home loan or refinance. A+ service and efficiency!

Melanie Victor

Brian helped us to refinance mortgage with honest interest rate and supported all the way to start to closed. I gain to trust him and made so easy to process refinancing the mortgage. My husband and I are very excited for new low interest rate and looking forward to pay off the mortgage sooner. No more struggle!!! Big Five Star for the Brian!

Amanda Garcia5 - CDHS

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Learn how DSCR loans can help you secure larger loan amounts and improve your chances of getting approved.

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Uncover the strategies to optimize your rental income and increase the cash flow of your investment properties.

Mitigate Risk

Understand the risk assessment process involved in DSCR loans and discover how to position yourself as a low-risk borrower.
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