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Step #2
Research & Explore Routes to Your Goal

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Are you looking to purchase or refinance?

Step #2 – Research

This is the stage where you are trying to align with the right guide. Do I choose a mortgage broker, banker, a credit union, or even a wealth manager? What I am trying to accomplish, and who is best suited for my needs? Am I newly self employed borrower? Am I someone with no income, but a lot in assets? Am I trying to build a home? Do I want a commercial property?

Where ever you are on your journey, BEACON LENDING is here to guide you with a clear path to achieve your goals of homeownership or refinance, getting you to the summit.

Five Steps to Closing Your Home Loan

hiking trail head looking up at summit

Step #1 - Planning

You want to achieve the goal of homeownership. 
Understand the different types of home loans.
Find out what type of mortgage and how much home you can afford.
Organize & gather W2's, tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, and assets.

You Are Viewing Phase #2

route to the summit
Home Loan Helicopter Rescue

Step #3 - Rescue Options to Get Back on The Trail

You have chosen your lending partner based on Truth, integrity, experience, and how they can help you achieve your goals of homeownership or refinance.
Sometimes during the home loan journey you may become a bit lost, confused, or disoriented. You may need help NOW!

Step #4 - Navigating the Journey

You have all your documents organized but you are having trouble getting qualified through your lender.
Your destination is in sight but the underwriter is taking forever or the lender is giving you the run around.
mountain guide pointing to the summit
Achieving a home loan just like a climber on the summit

Step #5 - Rise to Peak Exedition

Here are your keys, you did it!
With much gratitude and appreciation, we now want to say CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW HOME!
Beacon Lending thanks you for allowing us to guide you on this journey.

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