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Homebot For Buyers - Empowering Prospective Homebuyers in 2022

The importance of Homebot for Prospective Homeowners

If you are currently renting and are potentially interested in homeownership in your future, Homebot is a tool that could really help. If you are not familiar with this tool, Homebot for buyers is a dashboard that is full of important data for any homeowner or potential homeowner.

Homebot delivers a personalized, up-to-date home value and financial strategy right to your inbox.  Click the button below and input a property address of interest along with your email address. A home report for that property will be sent your way. Inside of that report, you will find impactful information that we will dive into soon.

In short, Homebot for prospective homeowners is important because it helps them make smart decisions and build wealth. 

Homebot For Buyers: What can Homebot show prospective homeowners?

Why prospective homeowners should want a homebot report?

Before we dive deeper into what exactly the Homebot home report shows, we will touch on why a prospective buyer would care about this data. If you, for example, are renting, you may have the goal for future homeownership. Or if you are currently living with family but saving up to buy your own place someday, that same goal of future homeownership is also there.

With homeownership on the horizon, figuring out the market, what homes in a certain neighborhood are worth, what your estimated mortgage payment could be, and current interest rates are all important things to consider as a prospective buyer. Knowing the market lets you in on how much you need to save and where you need to be financially in order to become a smart and prepared homeowner.

Homebot Home Value : Find An Accurate Estimate.

First, it shows us the current estimated value of the home. For prospective homeowners, this is important to know when looking around for which neighborhood suits you best. As a toll Homebot for buyers gives you the option to look at trends by zip code. Their chart shows you if that particular zip code includes homes that are easier to sell or easier to buy. It also shares the average amount of days that homes are selling in that area as well as the stats on how many beds, baths, and square footage the average home has in that area; all important things when zeroing in on which area fits your needs and wants best.

Perspective homeowners calculating the value of a home using Homebot For Buyers

Homebot For Buyers Gives You The Ability to Estimate the Terms of Your Home Loan

Once you have a desired area narrowed down, we can start looking at financials such as interest rates and current loan terms offered, whether that be a 30-year fixed, 10/1 arm, or a 25-year fixed. These pieces of information will give you an idea of what you can expect your future mortgage payment to be. Although the market is constantly changing and those rates will likely be different by the time you are ready to make that purchase, this gives you a general ballpark of what to expect.

Get Information on How to Cashflow Your Property Using Homebot For Buyers

Homebot even takes things a step further if you want to break into homeownership and then rent out that property to generate cashflow. There is a tool on the Homebot For Buyers report that allows you to dive into the rental realm to gauge how marketable your desired property would be as a rental on Airbnb.

Homebot For Buyers is Accurate and Free

Homebot For Buyers provides an enormous amount of information to both the current and prospective homeowner and one of the best parts to that is that Homebot is constantly updating, giving you the most accurate information and data. Homebot is a tool provided to you for free; again, all that is needed is a property address and your email address. Homebot For Buyers is also a great tool to share with your family and friends so they too can keep tabs on details of their real estate. Who wouldn’t want to know the worth of their home, what next steps they could take, and other key features about such a high-dollar asset? 

To Summarize

Owning real estate is a step that many people decide to take. If you are currently not a homeowner but desire to be one, planning is critical. The last thing you want to do is buy in an area that ends up not fitting your needs, not staying current on what interest rates are, or not being prepared for the amount of funds it will take to get you into that world of homeownership.

homebot and beacon lending logos

Homebot helps you stay on top of things before you even cross that bridge to homeownership with their smart technology and valuable information. At Beacon Lending, we rely on Homebot as a tool not only for you, but for us. Homebot allows us to keep tabs on home values and the overall feel of the market. Homebot is extremely personalized and really shows you valuable information without unneeded fluff. If you ever have questions navigating your way around Homebot or how to get started in any aspect of homeownership, we are always here to lend a hand.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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